How to create a professional website using WordPress in 20 mins?

Today I am going to show you step-by-step how to create a professional website from start to finish in about 20 minutes and I’m also going to show you how to get access to thousands of other free themes on WordPress in case you want to go with a different website layout and even if you have no experience in building websites that are totally fine because there’s no coding or anything complicated like that and like I said I’ll be walking you through the entire process step-by-step.

So the first thing we need to do is get our website hosting and domain which will cost you less than Rs1800/- (25$) some hosting websites offer a heavy discount for first-time users some hosting package comes with bundles like free domains, SSL certificate, cloud storage, emails, one-click WordPress installation, etc which is really going to save you some time & money both through the whole website setup process starting from selecting a plan which is suitable to the business model and budget so lets head over to building your very own website like an Expert !!!.

Once you’re done with buying a Hosting for your website you need to pick the right Domain name so whatever you want your website to be called remember its really important to choose the right name for your website/ business because your domain name is your identity on the web and choose a name that not only fits your business model but is also easy to find on the internet, it should be a simple, short yet memorable name would do. avoid using hyphens or numbers, etc you can do keywords research to find the perfect name, and once you decide on the name you can just enter it here this will take you to Godaddy website and see if the name is available to use or taken away by some other entity if it’s available then go ahead filling up all required detail and proceed further with payment by selecting the desired payment option.

Now we’re going to create a WordPress username and password, make sure you save that information somewhere okay and then after you do that you can just click on add WordPress and its installed that’s so simple one-click WordPress install right there you will see WordPress dashboard and this is the place where you edit, add theme, plugins and upgrading your website upgrade.

Now click on add domain on the WordPress dashboard and find your domain name and make this primary domain for the account that’s going to take couple minutes to load be patient and voila!! your site is ready.

Select WordPress theme according to your business portfolio they have tons of themes template To add a new theme simply select a particular theme_ Installed _ Activate and now your theme has been activated
Further, your can customize the header image and to do that select Customize your site add a header image to your website, and click on Publish similarly you can add Colours, widgets, Menu, Header Footer, Categories, etc.

Now let start adding some posts for this will go to the post section and you’ll see that there’s a demo post that comes with a WordPress template delete the demo post and add new post like blog content, image gallery, property listing, Deals, etc select a good title and publish it okay now click on View Post to see what it looks like ok and that’s our first post right here and this is how it looks from the homepage of the website looks greats isn’t it. Well let me know in the comment section below.

Similarly to add pages to your website go to pages and then click on add new and now these are the same thing as the post you just add a title and then you can put your content under after your page is done you have everything you want on it just click on publish now.

To create a menu and you can name it anything you want once you do that click create Menu right and select the pages that you want to show up on the menu and once you do that click on add to menu then you can rearrange them as you want, add subcategories by just moving them over to the side.
Final shortcut method to quickly access your WordPress dashboard anywhere, anytime whenever you need to edit something on your site, enter your website domain on your browser and add wp-admin for eg and hit enter now type in your user name and password and there you can manage your website on the go.