Best 5 chrome flags feature to enhance your browsing experience

Google Chrome has garnered a number of fans over the years being one of the most popular web browsers, across Android, Mac, or Windows platform and its abundance of features and giving us a rich browsing experience all this time, but did you know that Chrome has lots of hidden feature which haven’t been released but you can access them by typing chrome://flags/ on your Chrome search bar and add new cool features, speed up the performance or tweak your UI as per your comfort. We have curated the list of the 5 best features for you.

Note: Now before we proceed please note Chrome flags are experimental features that are currently in development and by enabling them, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy.

Parallel Downloading
For faster download speed accelerates download speed by breaking the files into smaller chunks, similar to how IDM and other download managers work. So search for “parallel downloading” and enable the flag.

Hover Cards
Once you enable this flag just hover the mouse cursor over that tab it will preview the image of the tab will show in the form of a card, very helpful when you are working with multiple tabs.

Google Lens
Good to see an integration of Google lens on Chrome. To enable it, search for “Lens” and enable the “Google Lens powered image search in the context menu” flag. It replaces the default image search with the intent to Google Lens also you can reverse search images.

Treat Risky Downloads
It prevents downloading of files that can be executed on your computer which are unsafe this is best for people who are not so savvy in handling technical stuff just enable this option for them and allow chrome flag to do the work by blocking unwanted downloading from unsecured pages or in other terms if the final download origin or any origin in the redirect chain is insecure if the originating page is secure.

Share Web pages Using QR Codes
Accessing the same content on multiple devices (switching from desktop to mobile) without logging into chrome, this handy feature makes it easy to share links between two devices if you enable this flag you will be able to share links in seconds. To enable, open the Google chrome Flags page and search for “QR”. Enable the “#sharing-qr-code-generator