Whats new this year at CES 2021 All digital!

One of the biggest anticipated tech conventions in the world is gonna kicks off next week, but what exactly is CES? We hear it all the time? Is it available for everyone? how can you visit? etc, well lots of you tech enthusiast out there knows all these questions but for common people like you and me who spend lots of time in drooling online to buy this product like wearable tech, Smart tv, IoT devices/sensors, powerful processors equipped with Artificial intelligence, Smart home appliances, EVs, drones, 3d printer, Robots and many more all of those things make their debut here at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) what makes this show so exciting is that you never know what the next big thing is going to be this 2021 is all about what you will use it tomorrow we are peeking into the future here at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021.

what can we expect

from the show well let’s jump in a little back in time and take a look CES has been going on in some form since the 60s and has been calling Las Vegas it’s home since the late 90s and after all that time it’s still the best place to see the latest and greatest new tech innovations, products and concepts coming in 2021 this year media will be pouring into Las Vegas and getting their hands on all the latest tech Digitally, Yes due to this pandemic CES2021 has gone virtual means thousand virtual exhibitors will be tuning digitally from January 11th running until the 14th January. We’re expecting everything from 5G tech to Next-gen 8k TVs to self-driving vehicles that can essentially drive themselves providing you the luxurious comfort but there’s always something completely unexpected to discover this year too. TVs going to get more magnanimous than the previous year also new technologies behind these Tvs like Micro LED and Mini LED will be unveiled at CES 2021. LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony will reveal new mystery upcoming innovations at their own event during CES 2021.

We’re going to see a lot of small tech companies bringing innovations that we haven’t even dreamed up yet and that’s what is really excited are those small tech companies coming up with really unique ideas to make our lives just that much easier at home so curious to see what’s on the horizon there expect to see lots of healthcare products and technology ever since covid struck people are strictly following hygiene regime and sanitation of tech product around us.

There’s a bigger chance that some of the more fringe camera brands like insta360 DJI and GoPro will again step in to fill that gap with some new cameras and drones for something that’s a little bit off the wall there’s usually something slightly left field coming out at CES as we’ve heard we should expect to see a crazy storage story like a two terabyte micro sd card from the likes of SanDisk you may have heard that sony announced earlier in the year that they’re officially getting into the drone marketing 2021

There’s quite a bit of speculation as to what that may look like this CES2021 will find out on 11th JANUARY.

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