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Is the fate of the Internet permissionless: Web3.0 explained

If you’ve been around the blockchain or into the crypto space you’ve probably heard about Web3.0.

So let’s understand this in simple layman’s terms and how this could change the internet forever.

Well, before jumping straight to web 3.0 first understand why it’s called Web3.0 and not Web1.0.

So going back in the time when the internet was 1.0 it was mostly just plenty of static HTML pages meaning whenever you load them it will just show some knowledge stuff, just like how you view Wikipedia with no advertisement, No login, No interaction nothing much just simple read-only. let’s call it sort of ”Giver” of course, as time passed it slowly made improvement, and things like flash and javascript added many new different features.

Web2.0 was more of a” Taker ” you will gradually know why it a called “Taker” as we evolved from 2004 till this time internet has grown a lot. websites and applications could connect and interact with each other,  Now we get information from pages but in return, the web pages would ask for your information too, they wanted to know their end-users, so businesses can serve better content, targeted ads, meaning minting more money while making us stay longer on their website. but the user has to give up his privacy for that.

Web3.0 will be an open and decentralized version of the internet. essentially, an internet powered by blockchain technology and the tools of decentralization, where everything is transparent and you don’t really need an intermediary or a regulator to operate. So you will be the owner of your content and will be able to sell it if you choose to.

So far we understood Blockchain technology is the only solution to centralization and I assume you know about blockchain technology & how it works if not, then I recommend you read our post on what is blockchain technology? and we know that today’s internet is backed by tech giants and somebody who owns a central server has the power and authority to override users and its developers anytime they wish.

But Web3 will revamp and transform everything around you data will be interconnected in a decentralized way  which would be a huge jump, it will be an uncensored and permissionless version of what we are seeing now where it can’t be manipulated, Secured, as stated earlier there are no CEOs, No authority complete autonomous also know to DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

We do see that Web3.0 already existed for a long time before bitcoin and Crypto. Protocols like BitTorrent, onion (tor), garlic (i2p), fediverse (peer tube, mastodon, etc), matrix (element) are all pretty old and are used to build decentralized networks. All these protocols don’t rally on crypto.

So is Web3.0 is a Crypto A marketing gimmick or just a phase of new technology or big concept, run by a foundation to get you hyped up for the next step to buy their tokens.

As the word spreads we see many big players are jumping into it, so will it be a truly decentralized web or not only time can tell that.