What happens to us while we’re asleep?

Have you ever thought about what happens with your body’s senses in mind while you’re sleeping many of you will say that all the parts of our bodies are relaxing regaining strength and so on of course it’s true but it’s just not that simple some of you might think about snoring but this is not the only curious and funny thing that happens while we’re asleep we really wanted to know more about it so today we’re going to tell you some interesting useful and even terrifying things that happen to us while we’re sleeping?

Sudden feeling of falling that wakes you up when you’re trying to fall asleep actually it’s not a dream about falling down as you might think it’s a physical sensation together with a hallucination don’t giggle it’s not what you’re thinking about it’s just a brain reaction to a wrong perception of the data you have this falling sensation because your brain is already asleep while your body is still awake it happens sometimes when you’re exhausted or you’ve had a stressful day or you just haven’t slept in two days in this case the brain doesn’t await your body and falls asleep as soon as you touch the pillow by the way there’s another syndrome caused by fatigue known as the exploding head syndrome it’s when you suddenly wake up because of a loud sound or a flash of light in your eyes not the most pleasant thing don’t you think one can even start stammering after this if it happens to you too frequently you can blame it on your brain that is falling asleep before your body does or blame yourself because you have to sleep instead of sitting in front of the computer all night.

sleep paralysis techlizzard

Sleep paralysis and now it’s time for something even scarier than falling down from a height imagine this situation you kind of wake up you want to get up and go to the bathroom or to the kitchen and get some water and then you suddenly realize you can’t move how is that even possible you might think if I’m awake furthermore you see all the things around you hear all the sounds and feel all the smells some people suffering from this weird syndrome only feel the paralysis but others even feel that they can’t and some scary creature is sitting on that chest tried to strangle them and take their soul away sorry we got distracted for a moment so you can have this horrible feeling when you’re falling asleep or waking up when your body is still sleeping but your brain is not according to scientists from five to eight percent of all people have had this sensation at least once it is caused by the same companions of the best students and workers of the year stress and sleep deprivation the sleep paralysis itself is freaking scary but at least it’s not dangerous but if you really don’t want to feel it we recommend you to stick to your sleeping schedule and try not to sleep lying on your back people usually suffer from sleep paralysis while in this position.

recurring dream techlizzard

Recurring dreams do you happen to see the same dream over and over again usually these dreams are easy to remember because they’re really colorful and emotional but why does it happen why can’t our brain think of something new while we’re in sleepy land actually these dreams are really important to us they warn us that
we have some unfinished business or attract our attention to some events in real life that we can’t see for some reason also they can be caused by a problem you’re stuck on and don’t know what to do with we’re right aren’t we then before you go to sleep the next time try to think about your problem and maybe you’ll come up with a solution and then you’ll have some new recurring dream.

Your nose is sleeping – people who love to sleep often say I won’t wake up even if you shoot cannons at me but actually loud and sudden noises like your neighbors drilling the wall in the morning or celebrating something at night can pull out any person from even the deepest sleep by the way alarm clocks work based on the same principle but now we’re gonna talk about an organ that’s impossible to wake up that’s right your nose even the densest smells cannot wake it up although your brain does process them it happens because the information collected by your olfactory is fusing with the image from your dream so if you’re snoozing while your parents are making a delicious breakfast you probably will eat something nice in your dream – but not even the disgusting smell of a rotten egg or the pleasant smell of mint can wake up a person sleeping, on one hand, it sounds great and useful but on the other hand, this is also the reason of a great percentage of deaths during fires.

Sleepy eyes, if you think that your eyes doze off along with you, knows you are in the wrong they do rest but at the same time they’re still moving and by the way, this is how you can define the sleeping face when a person falls asleep the eyes roll up protecting the retina from the light in the deep sleep phase the eyeballs slowly under the lid because of an active flow of the blood to the muscles and internal organs in the fast sleep phase the blood flows to the brain activating the thought process in making us see colorful dreams and the eyes move according to them these processes are the same for humans and animals don’t believe us then look at your cat while it’s sleeping and you’ll see in which direction the mouse in its dream was running.

Eternal youth if you’re familiar with the name of Sofia Loren you probably know that this Italian beauty still looks extraordinarily prissy for her age when journalists asked her about her secrets of eternal youth she always says it was just because of healthy sleep and it seems like the actress didn’t lie according to scientists when you sleep the temperature of your body and blood pressure get low and the heart relaxes and recovers your body is practically recharging from the bed in order to work the next day besides when we sleep our organism produces collagen and protein which strengthen the vessels and make your skin more elastic so after a long and healthy sleep you don’t need some cream with special particles of something difficult to pronounce because your body rejuvenates itself it means you can regenerate every day like a superhero during your sleep the body tissues get renewed the oxygen metabolism increases the toxins get removed in other words pure magic and you don’t even have to wave your magic stick or swallow bitter potions who cooked frogs you just have to go to sleep in time and get yourself a comfortable pillow.

growndream techlizzard

Growing up in your sleep you’ve probably heard your mom while your grannies say that if you fly in your sleep it means you’re growing up however you don’t really need to fly to grow up a little we’re about to reveal a secret to you the next time you’re ready to go to bed measure your height and then repeat the procedure in the morning we promise you’ll be surprised but don’t get your hopes up it won’t be more than half an inch it happens because when you fall asleep you’re in vertical disks don’t get the kind of pressure they get during the day so they stretch out to need more room it makes your spinal columns straighten but unfortunately not for a long time in the afternoon you will have same Heights again and it happens like this every day brain work if you think your brain stops functioning at night we’ll stop thinking that’s because this busy function doesn’t ever stop for a second it keeps controlling all the processes in your body but in a slightly different mode once you’re asleep your brain cells switch to a more peaceful pace step by step they process all the information you’ve got during the day and then distribute the data into the right sections of your brain using little shelves in your head and this happens in your brain every night now imagine the consequences of constant sleep deprivation the first victim is obviously the memory the person starts mixing up different facts and keeps forgetting the most important things but if you still doubt whether a good healthy sleep is that important here’s another proof recently a group of German scientists conducted a really interesting experiment they asked a group of volunteers to solve a hundred mathematical problems when the first half of the test was done one part of the group went to sleep while the other parts kept working on their problems in the end the ones that got some sleep did much better work so if you still believe it’s a great idea not to sleep at all before an important exam think twice before you torch your brain like this.