Know the topmost wifi signal interference around you

Whether it is working from home, online classes, or playing your favorite call of duty game, or watching the Money heist season 5 or Squid game on Netflix. we’ve all had experiences with bad wifi signals or intermittent connectivity. even after paying hefty subscription charges to your internet service provider you still tend to have connectivity issues. we will help you in identifying some common signal killer items that tend to either interfere with your wifi signal or absorb them.

So here is a list of the topmost common signal interference that appears between you and your seamless internet connection.

Bluetooth devices Nowadays the most basic item that interferes with your wifi router are Bluetooth devices we are all are girded by such devices for eg, smartwatches, speakers smart remotes, headsets, headphone smart appliances, keyboard, and mice, etc These devices “talk” to each other using the same 2.4 GHz frequency which your router does. that causes latency.

The Microwave YES! this is the second least common wifi jammer found in every home nowadays oh no, wait! but How? Microwaves can hinder your wireless connectivity because both operate on the same frequency ie 2.4 GHz. This happens due to a leak of electromagnetic or radio frequency(RF) interference not harmful to people or pets. It’s more like a radio signal, broadcasting at a higher frequency than a traditional radio does.

Refrigerator: Electrical appliances that use pipes and circulate water are not so nice your Wi-Fi signal. This is because water has the ability to retain energy from wireless waves, which can mess up your connection A bad idea to put your router close to your fridge or on top of it.

Your neighbor wifi signal: Can slow down your internet speed due to close proximity and fight to remain on the same channel can lead to a decrease in the performance. the quickest way to fix interference is to select an auto-channel option. Wi-Fi access points that use auto-channel periodically scan the Wi-Fi spectrum

Metal furniture and surfaces: You may have more of this around than you think. Metal fixtures, window grills, utility shelves and the like can all give your Wi-Fi a tough time. Metal is a conductor, so it absorbs electricity, and as you recall, a Wi-Fi signal is made of radio and electromagnetic waves. So, any metal surface or object in your home keeps the waves from getting around the house. For the best signal possible, make sure your router isn’t placed on a metal shelf or is blocked by any metal furniture

LED light strips on your computer that can interfere with your WiFi connection. these lights use a unique chip that will generate a magnetic field that interacts with various radio frequencies being transmitted by your router Anything that uses electricity emits electromagnetic radiation, had LED lights will hinder your internet speed. so the best fix for this one is to just try and keep your router as far from the lights as you can.

Here’s a quick tip that will definitely help you.

Update your wireless router’s firmware from time to time or as and when it’s available sometimes all it takes is giving your router an update. If you didn’t know, the firmware is similar to software like we do for the operating system on the phone or computer it’s good to keep your router firmware up to date for better performance improvements and security patches.

If the router has adjustable antennas, make them vertical in order to project the best coverage. If you can place it higher up in your space, that helps too. Get a Wi-Fi extender If you need to cover a lot of space, this may be your best option but still to avoid barriers like suggested above.